The Songs Without Words


SET NO. 1 (1973) 

for chamber orchestra; premiere: Composers Guild of New Jersey, Performance Ensemble,  Joel Eric Suben, conductor, Rutgers University,  New Brunswick, NJ, 1989

SET NO. 2 (1974) 

 for solo clarinet & 15 players;  premiere:  Lawrence University

Wind Ensemble, Robert Levy, conductor, Appleton, Wisconsin, 1980

SET NO. 3 (1976)   for solo marimba & 10 players; premiere: Tidewater Music Festival, Gordon Stout, marimba, St. Mary’s City, Maryland, 1976  (bicentennial commission)
SET NO. 4 (1988) 

for clarinet, cello & piano; premiere:  New Jersey Chamber Music Society, Montclair, New Jersey, 1994

SET NO. 5 (1991)  for flute, guitar, cello & harpsichord; premiere:  The Cygnus Ensemble, Cape May Music Festival, Cape May, New Jersey, 1991
SET NO. 6 (1997) 

for cello & four percussionists; premiere: cellist John Whitfield & The New Jersey Percussion Ensemble, Drew University F.M. Kirby Theatre,  Madison, New Jersey, 1998

SET NO. 7 (2002) 

for mezzo-soprano, harpsichord & chamber orchestra; premiere: The Meadows Ensemble, Jack Delaney, conductor, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, 2004