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Timothy Broege's work 

For Example:

The Kelowna City Concert Band in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada performed "Sinfonia VI" on April 29, 2015. As part of the performance, the conductor of the band asked Thomas Panio to produce a visual presentation for the piece. Intrigued, he came up with something not unlike Walt Disney's Fantasia, an animation that inspires the imagination by demonstrating what places the music might take us. It was done with Lego animation, and this was the end result: 

​Dreams and Fancies, Timothy Broege, 
Detroit Symphony Civic Symphonic Band, 3/2/2014 

Timothy Broege
"Composer and Keyboard Performer"

Sinfonia VI - 4/29/15
Dreams and Fancies 3/2/2014